A fast, reliable, and affordable point of sale system for any sized business.
You need a secure POS system that adapts to your business. Exatouch® Point of Sale has you covered. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or service business, Exatouch is designed to streamline operations, improve the customer experience, grow your profits—and simplify your life.

Fast Checkout

With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Exatouch will be fast and easy to check customers out.

Offline Processing

Exatouch is a cloud-based POS. However, even if the internet goes out, your POS system will continue to operate normally.

FREE Gift Card Processing

Exatouch offers free, integrated gift card processing for your business.

Mobile Payment Processing

On-the-go? Accept payments via our mobile app to offer an easy and covenant way for your customers to pay.

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Prequalification is not a commitment to provide credit card processing solutions. All merchant accounts must be approved through partner company underwriters.